We are a club of rose enthusiasts with plenty of information on how to grow roses, but much less advice to offer when it comes to finding particular roses for purchase. Unfortunately, the reality is that it is getting harder and harder to import roses from other countries, with the result being that there are fewer resources available for us locally. As well, if you are looking for an older rose -- one that was introduced 10 or more years ago, it's possible that it has long since faded in availability as newer and much healthier introductions have been brought to the fore.

All that being said, we do want to help you in your quest to find that 'must have' rose, so here are our best suggestions for getting started:

    • External link opens in new tab or windowSelect Roses, in Langley, is owned and operated by Brad Jalbert, a past-President of the VRS and a world-renowned hybridizer of roses. He is just as renowned for his always friendly and helpful advice when it comes to making a great choice from among his extensive selection.

    • You can also try contacting any of the local nurseries in our area which carry roses -- Southlands, Gardenworks, David Hunter, Art Knapp, Cedar Rim, etc. -- to see if a particular rose might be available through them.

    • If you find you need to expand your search, External link opens in new tab or windowPalatine Roses in Ontario is a distributor and mail-order supplier of roses. Check their website to see if the rose(s) you are searching for might be listed in their on-line catalog.

Good luck in your search!