VRS Member Alex Waterhouse-Heyward, a renowned Vancouver photographer and noted blogger, recently suggested that we share our first blooms of the new season with each other. The idea quickly caught on and below are some of the images forwarded by our members for all to enjoy!

This year, Dale A. sends us this photo of his gorgeous 'Barbra Streisand' with the following comments: "Here is my first rose bloom for 2020 - the bud was half-eaten at the base by a (%$#@!!!) bug, but like her namesake, 'the show must go on!' It overwintered in a pot by the house on the south-facing covered patio, so that must have given her a head start - she has never bloomed this early before, and doesn't have any other buds on her yet!"

Keep checking back as we post more 'first blooms' from other members' gardens as the new season blooms on!