Top quality rose bushes can be found at External link opens in new tab or windowSelect Roses and local nurseries that have specialists on staff. A list of roses that several VRS members find grow well in our area is included below.  Keep in mind that every garden has its own microclimates, hours of sun, and available water. But, with a little experience and helpful advice from fellow VRS members and our Rose Mentors, you'll find what grows well in your own garden.  

Happy Gardening!


Andrea Stelzer (light pink)
 Apperitif (yellow)
 Aromatherapy (pink)
Baronne Edmond de Rothschild (red blend)
Dainty Bess (light pink)
 Elina/Peaudouce (light yellow)
Fragrant Cloud (orange red)
 Frederic Mistral (light pink)
 Gemini (pink blend)
Gerda Hnatyshyn (pink)
Honor (white)
Ingrid Bergman (dark red)
Just Joey (orange blend)
 Lasting Love (red)
Liebeszauber (red)
Loving Memory/Burgund '81 (red)
 Marijke Koopman (pink)
 Opening Night (dark red)
Peace (yellow blend)
 Pristine (white)
 Rosemary Harkness (orange pink)
 Royal William (dark red)
 Savoy Hotel (light pink)
Veterans' Honor (dark red)
 Warm Wishes/Sunset Celebration (apricot)


 About Face (orange blend) - GR
 Blueberry Hill (mauve)
Day Breaker (yellow blend)
 Easy Going (yellow blend)
 Escapade (mauve)
Fame (deep pink) - GR
 Fellowship/Livin' Easy (orange blend)
Friesia/Sunsprite (deep yellow)
Glad Tidings (dark red)
Gold Medal (yellow) - GR
 Hot Cocoa (russet)
Iceberg (white)
 Julia Child (yellow)
 L'aimant (Victorian Spice) (light pink)
Lavaglut (dark red)
Marmalade Skies (orange blend)
 Mountbatten (yellow)
Octoberfest (orange blend) - GR
 Pensioner's Voice (apricot)
 Playboy (red blend)
 Pretty Lady (light pink)
 Rainbow Sorbet (yellow blend)
 Queen Elizabeth (pink) - GR
Tabris/Hannah Gordon (pink blend)
 Tatton (orange)
Top Rose (yellow)
 Trier 2000 (Anna Livia) (pink)
Valentine Heart (pink)
Zambra (orange pink)


Jeanne Lajoie (pink)
 Laura Ford (yellow)
 Open Arms (pink)
 Warm Welcome (orange)


 Adelaide d'Orleans (white)*
Albertine (orange pink)*
Altissimo (red)
 Bobbie James (white)*
 City of York (white)*
Compassion (orange pink)
Crimson Cascade (red)
 Dortmund (red)
 Dublin Bay (red)
 Felicite Perpetue (white)*
Freisinger Morgenrőte (Sunrise) (orange blend)
 Ghislaine de Feligonde (light yellow)
 Golden Olymp (yellow)
 High Society (hot pink)
John Davis (pink)
 Kiftsgate (white)*
 Lykkefund (white blend)*
 Mme. Alfred Carriere (white)
Night Light (deep yellow)
 Night Owl (purple)
 Paul's Himalayan Musk (light pink)
Penny Lane (apricot blend)
 Rosa mulliganii (white)*
 Royal Sunset (apricot blend)
Salita (orange-red)
 Sanders White Rambler (white)*
 Seagull (white)*
 Veilchenblau (mauve)*
 Wedding Day (white)*


Abraham Darby (orange pink)
 All That Jazz (orange pink)
 Autumn Sunset (apricot blend)
 Ballerina (pink)
 Bonica (pink)
 Buff Beauty (apricot blend)
 Darlow's Enigma (white)
Eglantyne (light pink)
Falstaff (red)
Felicia (pink blend)
 Flower Carpet (deep pink)
Flutterbye (yellow blend)
 Fred Loads (orange red)
 Fru Dagmar Hastrup (pink)
 Gertrude Jekyll (pink)
Golden Celebration (deep yellow)
 Golden Wings (light yellow)
Graham Thomas (deep yellow)
 Hansa (medium red)
 Heart 'n Soul (red blend)
 James Galway (pink)
 Knock Out (red blend)
 Lichtkonigin Lucia (yellow)
 Marjorie Fair (red blend)
 Mary Rose (pink)
Molineux (deep yellow)
Pat Austin (orange)
 Pavement series of roses
 Penelope (light pink)
 Pink Meidiland (pink)
 Sally Holmes (white)
Teasing Georgia (yellow blend)
 The Fairy (pink)
 Therese Bugnet (pink)
 Westerland (apricot)
Winchester Cathedral (white)


Anita Russell (pink)
Brittany's Glowing Star (orange blend)
 Cinderella (white)
Glowing Amber (red blend)
 Gourmet Popcorn (white)
 Graduation Day (peach) - MF
 Green Ice (white)
 Hot Tamale (yellow blend)
Loving Touch (apricot blend)
Orange Honey (orange blend)
 Pearl (pink)
Pink Petticoat (pink blend)
Rainbow's End (yellow blend)
Red Patio Wonder (red)
Reiko (pink)
Snow Bride (white)
 Sun Chariot (yellow)
 Sun Sprinkles (yellow)
 Sweet Chariot (cerise)
 Water Lily (cream) - MF


 Celestial (pink)*
 Celsiana (light pink)*
 Charles de Mills (mauve)*
 Complicata (pink blend)*
Comte de Chambord (pink blend)
Duchesse de Montebello (pink)*
Fantin-Latour (light pink)*
Ferdinand Pichard (red blend)
Henri Martin (red)*
 Ispahan (pink)*
Jacques Cartier/Marchesa Boccella (pink)
James Mason (red)*
 Kőnigin von Danemark (pink)*
La Ville de Bruxelles (deep pink)*
Mme. Plantier (white)*
Mutabilis (yellow blend)
Reine des Violettes (mauve)
 Rosa glauca/rubrifolia (pink)*
Rosa Macrantha (light pink)*
Rosa Mundi (pink/white striped)*
Rose de Rescht (deep pink)
Tuscany Superb (red/mauve)*
William Lobb (mauve)*

 Disease Resistant Rose

 Disease Free Rose

* Once blooming for 4-6 weeks in June